Building Partnerships

FOSTHERKIDZ FAMLY INC. is a not-forprofit 501C(3) organization that helps:

  • Mentorship for at risk youth
  • Job training for seniors
  • Promotion for local businesses

Our Primary Mission:

To encompasses the youth lives in our communities through engagement, education, and strategic behavior interventions.


Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, we implement a multidimensional approach to elevating our youth. Your blessings to assist in this endeavor is greatly appreciated!


  • Education

    Inspiring our children to greatness in spite of any obstacles.

  • Music

    Music therapy integrates high and low vibrational frequencies to stimulate and reach different areas of the brain. This creates higher level brain growth and organization. Music therapy is evidence-based therapy that incorporates music as the main interface of learning rrythm, pitch, words, and structure.

    What is music therapy? It is evedence based therapy that incorporates music as the main interface of learning; rytham, pitch, words, and structure.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Showing kids that the world is full of endless posibilitites. Creating a more vivid and inspiring foundation for kids to build upon with their ideas.

  • Youth Mentors

    Are "YOU" a change maker? Young people like you across the country are volunteering, acting as leaders and role models, advocating and making an impact in the lives of others. Lets connect!

  • What We Do

    We inspire positive development through a variety of child welfare, counseling, juvenile justice and prevention services to help overcome challenges such as mental illness, substance use, abuse, and homelessness.

  • Adult Mentors

    A mentor is someone who lends a hand to a younger person. A mentor is a trusted friend, a role model or a teacher.Is this you?

Adam Collins ; CEO

"I did not have anyone to look up to as a child. I can be what I always needed for someone else."